We're open again!

It's been longer than we planned,

We're finally back! Even though we're not nearly happy with what our website looks like right now, we decided to launch anyway and do all the fancy touch-ups little by little.

Our dear friends Xenotees is who encouraged us to open today and I will explain why too. So, we recently collaborated with them and they sent us the most beautiful pillowcases we've ever had! And we obviously took a bunch of photos with Cheese & Olive in front of the pillowcases and Xenotees founder fell in love with this particular photo of Olive in front of the pillowcase and was so kind to make a bunch of cards out of it to be laid out on the table at the Blog Paws event happening May 18th through May 20th! How awesome is that! You should definitely go if you're in the area! They're going to have a bunch of awesome cat products and merchandise. Including some from Xenotees!

And check out the photo of the cards to keep an eye out for them if you'll be attending the event.


I mean they're literally always the pillowcase we use. Aren't they so nice!? We even went out and bought some new giant pillows to show off their beauty and be able to leave them on our bed as big convenient throw pillows. They're so perfect to lean back on when you're sitting in bed on your phone, tablet, laptop, or just watching TV. Check out the Cat Ears Catnap Pillow Case for yourself, and if you're wondering what size we have in the photo it's Standard. 

That's all for now, but we promise to post some more exciting news very soon! I just had a super fun photoshoot today with the Moms of @hussycats and @misterkitty_ that I can't wait to share. I hope you enjoy our newly updated website and the amazing 50% Grand Opening Sale we're doing!!!! Check out our SHOP now if you haven't already to get the best deals we've ever had!!! 🙀 🙀 🙀

And grab this free wallpaper for your phone as a little freebie 😼

Cheese & Olive 🐾 
/Eric  😸
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